Sunday, January 11, 2015

Class resumes at NSAL

Classes have resumed in the winter session at the North Shore Art League and I always start with a review supplies/studio safety, and various techniques that will be introduced with demonstrations. I am flexible and willing to deviate from the outline. If there is something more appealing to the group, we end up focusing on that. Next week image transfers and self portraits will be subject matter.

During the winter break, I was able to start a new series of work, Sacred Places, and I did complete a 2nd piece, this matches in size and shape to the first piece in the series featured here.

Working larger will come, in time.

I also have a new group of encaustic monotypes, all inspired by love of life and land. These works continue with my interpretation of sacred spaces, but the earth and landscape shines through. That, and Zen Buddhism... simplified living... finding peace.

"Entering White Space"
18" x 24"

"Red Mountain Valley"
12" x 18"

"Unknown Territories"
22" x 16"

I look forward to sharing these new works in upcoming shows and events, details to follow.