Saturday, February 11, 2017

Re-working Old Paintings (and making them new)

Which painting is the revision?
It can be a scary decision to go back into a painting that felt finished and successful at one point... and as time goes by our vision and skills develop and change. Hopefully we become more adept. 

The paintings on the left are the updated versions. Each of these has been reworked using shellac burn techniques. Wisteria (top row) incorporates organic texture with the addition of white, pink, and yellow ochre shellac burn plus I toned down the flower blooms. I also added twigs with wax medium to build up the canopy, creating lots of three dimensional textures.

The Red Barn (bottom row) has become a more dramatic and fluid piece, the addition of a shellac burn loosened up what felt like a very tight, controlled perspective of the vineyard. I have heard mixed reviews on the changes I made to this piece but I am much happier since revising and I have to trust myself!

In addition to reworking older paintings, teaching weekly classes, and preparing for upcoming exhibitions, I just completed an art book featuring the Face of Buddha series. You can preview and/or purchase the book here - Buddha, paintings and meditations

This is my second art book and allows me to share the full impact of an entire series of work. My first book, A Year of the Full Moon, can be previewed and/or purchased here - A Year of the Full Moon

Art is my safe, happy place. During times of turmoil and political unrest, the art world keeps me centered, stimulated, focused, and calm.