Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chicago is Home

Chicago Skyline, view from Larrabee Street
4 x 8 
mixed media on 300 lb paper

It's almost my one year anniversary since moving back to Chicago after 25 years of living in New England and I have been asking myself why I am so inspired by the city, its buildings, and people. I find comfort in the Gothic architecture, the Greystones and Brownstones, the grid-like flow of traffic, the Lakefront, the local hangouts and especially this time of year, the outdoor cafes. My childhood memories are all rooted in this city, my grandparents lived off of Lake Shore Drive, and every time I drive past where they lived it reminds me of how happy my childhood was. I never realized how much I missed this place until I moved back. Now that I live here it's as if I can't get enough and everywhere I go I see something new that I want to translate into art. 

City Dogs
7.5 x 11 
mixed media on 300 lb paper

Luxe Cafe
2.5 x 3.5 
mixed media on board

Greystone on Pine Grove
4 x 6
mixed media on 300 lb paper

Tulips along the Drive
3.5 x 2.5 
mixed media on board

And my newest discovery - Kozo mulberry paper for transferring photos. The effect is almost blurry, and there is a an ethereal feeling after fusing into the wax medium. I am going to look into finding a printer that can handle much larger Kozo paper.

Chicago Skyline 2, view from Diversey Harbor
4 x 6 
mixed media on Kozo

These new works will be going to the Encaustic Conference in Provincetown two weeks from today. I am participating in the hotel fair and hope to fit about 15 total into my suitcase.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spring Art Festival

Success. It had been over two years since I last exhibited in a weekend art festival and this was my first outdoor exhibition in many years. Remembering the process to accept credit card purchases (by using Square One, a small device that plugs into my cell phone), was probably the biggest challenge of the weekend!

It's definitely a crap shot, deciding which festivals to apply to, hoping the weather cooperates, and hoping people come to see the work (when I lived in MA I only participated indoor after hurricane force winds ruined my tent one Labor Day weekend many years ago). From what I gathered, many of the participants in this weekends Riverside Art Festival were disappointed. Lots of people came, not so many were interested in buying big items, fortunately I had a wide range of price points. I am going to be exhibiting in two more weekend festivals, the next is in June, then August. I will need that much time to rest up and energize between shows.

My booth setup:

Pre- show opening, early Saturday morning:

I am really looking forward to resting tomorrow, organizing, and if I am lucky I will be able to get back into painting new work. I exhibited watercolor paintings this past weekend, but I admit that my focus has been more on mixed media encaustic paintings. My next two shows will only be featuring new mixed media encaustic work.

Art in the Village
Lakeshore Arts Festival

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The S-Curve

The S-Curve
18" x 24" mixed media
photo transfer, encaustic, pigment, oil pastel

Size does matter! I have a 30" x 40"encausticbord panel and plan on transferring this image once I can focus without interruption. It will take time just to prepare the panel with layers of encaustic medium, transferring the image will require patience. When I try to rush things, I end up ripping the paper which distorts the image. The fun part for me is when I can finally add color and depth using pigments, oil pastel, and wax, the process brings the piece to life.