Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Art Donations

It's that time again... end of winter, and auction donation requests seem to be never ending. I decided to donate selectively this year, and today I dropped off "Full Frosty Moon" to the Montserrat College Artrageous!26 auction. About seven years ago, the paintings in the full moon series were my pride and joy. I still feel these paintings are special (and I wrote about these feelings in the first half of the book I am still working on) but it was time to let go.

"Full Frosty Moon", 22" x 30" watercolor

Saturday I am going to donate to the Marblehead Festival of Arts. Their auction donations help to finance the free summer festival over 4th of July weekend, I have always loved participating in the event. Both of the paintings below are older, and I am still not sure which will go to the summer festival, but the remaining piece will be donated to the Marian Court College annual fundraiser event.

"Sunburst Lilies", 24" x 18" watercolor diptych

"Upstream", 20" x 16" watercolor

My last bit of news is that I have found a consultant to help me with editing and hopefully the consultation will bring my book writing project to fruition.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Back in town!

I had been out of town and came home today to find the small painting I had purchased from one of my blog friends, Don Michael, Jr., waiting for me.

 "Swirls" (top) and "Heath" (bottom)

I love seeing the 3-dimensional mask next to the 2-dimensional painting. The two works compliment each other and feel more engaging to me. Thank you, Don!

Last Thursday was the opening reception of the Member's Winter Show at the Copley Society of Art and because I was out of town I was unable to attend, fortunately there is an excellent blog post with a summary of the show.

My painting "Echo" is included, and I am thrilled to be participating in the first Copley show since I became a member in January. 

"Echo", 12" x 12" encaustic on panel

My primary focus continues to be writing, researching, and deciding if I will actually go forward with the book project. In a way, writing has become a therapy and I don't know if publishing is the end result I am looking for... time will tell. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Short Vignette

I continue working on a book project. It's like working on a painting only instead of paints and brushes I am using words and jpg images.

One of my favorite experiences from my very first three-day Paradise City show:

"The highlight of the show for me was the sale of “Bonsai” to a lovely young couple, they fell in love with the painting on first sight. They felt an immediate connection to the work and asked me where the inspiration came from. I told them about a scene in the movie “Hero” starring Jet li (promoted by Quentin Tarantino) when two women samurai are battling in a forest. The colors change from natural forest greens into mystical golden yellows and bloody reds. The women float through space as they battle to the death … the scene took my breath away… the painting took their breath away. Coincidence, “Hero” was one of their movie favorites and they knew the exact scene I was describing."

"Bonsai", 22" x 30" watercolor on paper

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Business of the Arts

Yesterday I was the guest speaker for the Enterprise Center at Salem State University in the Business of the Arts Series and I had the opportunity to share what years of working as an artist have taught me from first hand experiences. My three page outline was available for attendees, (just in case I forgot to cover all the things I felt were important once I started talking), and I realized by putting this outline together I have the basis for one of the big things on my bucket list (I didn't even realize I had a bucket list!) The outline I put together for this workshop will be the core of the book I plan to write, "Making it as an Artist ... and avoid living in your parent's basement!" In this book I will also incorporate artwork that reflects the progression of my personal growth as an artist.

124 people attended the event, and I was told the prior 2 events in this series attracted 50+ people each. There is a definite niche in the art marketplace for the business of being an artist. The first few minutes I felt all those eyes looking at me and I may have stuttered a bit but once I got into the topic I found my comfort zone and was able to go with the flow.

At the end of the workshop attendees were given an evaluation form and I will have access to the results of the questionnaire (my choice). I will also be receiving an edited video which I hope to share either here or on YouTube. Now that all this art business is settled, I am ready to get my paints out...

I took this photograph last week when I was walking my dog and plan to use it for my next encaustic image transfer, hoping to start this weekend.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Weaving the Web

The timing couldn't have been better with my upcoming presentation on February 8, addressing the business of the arts and successful self-promotion... entering selected juried shows, then hearing my work was accepted, is something that exemplifies building a resume, an ongoing work in progress. I used to think it was great being a big fish in a little sea (Swampscott being the little sea) but now bigger shows in Cambridge, Boston, New England, and even National shows have been more my focus.

My previous blog post announced the Best of Show I received at Lynn Arts (works on paper winter show). Yesterday the show postcard was sent and I was delighted to see my painting on the front of the card. The card was emailed and postal mailed to the entire Lynn Art Association membership and mailing list.

Once I received the pdf file I was able to forward it to the entire Swampscott Arts Association mailing list as well as post it on my Facebook page (and now on my Blog). The Lynn Arts website also has the card featured on their home page, and the publicity opportunities seem endless.

Another example of weaving in the world wide web occurred when Montserrat College of Art sent me an email to let me know they have been promoting my up coming Business of the Arts speaking engagement on their blog and throughout the community. 

Their blog post was connected to the Enterprise Center at Salem State University's blog post which was shared by several other local business blog posts, and it goes on and on...

I was reading the Marblehead Reporter (the local weekly newspaper) yesterday and was surprised to see my name along with another local artist, Claudia Kaufman, featured as the artists of the week. The Copley Society contacted all of the communities representing their new artist members and it was my good fortune that the paper decided to print the news. I had submitted work to the Copley Society's winter show, juried by David Brown of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Miriam Stewart of the Fogg Museum, and found out last week that my painting "Echo" was 1 of 29 pieces accepted to the show. The Copley Society has already started promoting the show on their website and will be doing more publicity once the show is up.

One of the main points I am going to make when I am speaking about self-promotion is the way we all have the ability to use the internet for free publicity. The possibilities are endless.