Saturday, December 10, 2011

Demo's from last weekend

"Dreaming", 8" x 8" encaustic on panel

This week I was able to complete one of my demonstration paintings from last Saturday's reception. I added oil pastel and a greater sense of depth with pigmented wax, now this feels right to me. I continue to question why I am so attracted to painting the landscape even though I always admire abstract art done by other artists. I thought I would feel connected to vibrant color with the second demo started last weekend, but it just doesn't click with me when it's me painting! I am going to add white oil pastel to the piece below, and it will probably become more of a "thing", I just don't know what thing that will be yet.

"Abstract", 8" x 8", work in progress

My big project waiting to happen is going to be working larger using jumbo sized watercolor paper (that's been sitting in my studio for years). I want to have fun, mask with tape creating resists and many layers of watercolor washes, trees are going to continue to be my inspiration. 

Somehow I managed to do most of my holiday shopping already and now I can have some fun stimulating my creative juices.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pathways Reception and Demo

Thank you to all that came to yesterday's reception and demo. At one point the room was quite full with curious onlookers and I was able to share my enthusiasm and joy for encaustic painting. I demonstrated several techniques but my focus was on image transfers enhanced with layers of wax medium and pigment. 

I had prepared several wood panels with wax medium in order to show the different stages involved with the image transfer technique that I used in the Pathways Series. The panel below was started before the demo and at the demo I added layers of detailed color and medium. One more layer to add greater depth should complete this piece.

It was important to me that everyone see what I consider the most important first step of fusing the image into wax (shown below). Watching the image mesh into the wax medium is always a highlight. I will fill in gaps when I incorporate details with pigment.

These enthusiastic patrons stayed for the entire length of the demo, thank you for coming, asking questions, and sharing in my passion.