Monday, April 28, 2014

Lake Shore Drive
photo taken yesterday

Every where I go, I look at the Chicago architecture and I continue to be in awe. I want to paint buildings and angles and combine nature with the urban settings, in order to soften the feeling of the city created in my art. I hope I can do justice to this photo once transferred into wax. The first version will be 18" x 24", and then I plan on using the same image to photo transfer onto a 30" x 40" board (largest single encaustic piece to date). I hope to start preparing the panel tomorrow.

In the meantime, I taught an encaustic workshop on Saturday at the North Shore Art League in Winnetka, IL and it sounds like I will be offering a weekly encaustic class in the fall. More information will be available this summer on their website (and mine).

I also received an email from the gallery director at Chicago Art Source on Friday informing me that two of my paintings were included in the International Art, Antique, and Jewelry show at Navy Pier this past weekend. The gallery teamed up with the Susan Fredman interior design group and although my paintings seemed to be more of an accessory to the furnishings, it was incredible publicity in a fantastic place that I did not expect. When things like this happen, I remind myself why a gallery gets 50% of an art sale, they provide exposure in places I can not get to on my own.

Full booth shot

Gallery shot, my work on the left of the wall sculpture

Friday, April 18, 2014

Postcards from the Cape

"Storm Approaching"

"Cape Cod Light"


Each of these paintings is post card size, 4" x 6", mixed media encaustic on 300 lb. watercolor paper. I will be donating these to the post card show at the International Encaustic Conference that I am attending the first week of June. The conference is in Provincetown, MA and fortunately I have been there; I had specific references for each painting.

The conference is an incredible opportunity to learn about art from the best and most knowledgable artists I know, it is also a wonderful networking opportunity. I hope even though my paintings are representational landscapes, the work won't look out of place with all of the amazing abstract artists that will be attending.

International Encaustic Conference Info

I have been planning out my studio time and events carefully these days as I have a part time job. I started working at Bloomingdales as a bridal registry consultant and even though its part time, it forces me to organize my art making and commitments more than I am used to doing. I think it will get easier but for now it's a challenge.

My last bit of news, I was accepted into the 3rd of three art festivals I submitted work to, and I am probably going to participate in all of them ... that will allow me exhibition opportunities in May, June and early August. Fingers crossed that the weather will be on my side, but with global warming and such it's a bit of a concern.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Summer Sky (more of Chicago)

"Summer Sky, Chicago"
20" x 16" watercolor and wax on 140 lb. paper

The painting started with this older watercolor -

Using an abstract painting from years ago, I once again decided to create an identifiable cityscape by painting in new watercolor details combined with layers of wax. This piece is all about the texture representing the concrete of Lake Shore Drive, heading South into the city (Diversey Harbor on the right). The perspective is enhanced by using textured wax on the drive against the smoothness of the skyscrapers, the largest being the Hancock Building center left, with Sears Tower in the background to the right. 

I am thinking about starting a large diptych (36" x 72") on encausticbord, continuing with cityscapes, skyscrapers and identifiable landmark buildings here in Chicago.

Other news to share -
I received notification that all 3 of my mini works on paper will be included in the 35th annual Mini-Works on Paper exhibit at Jacksonville State University, AL. Last year I won first prize and sold one of my pieces, this year I hope I am half as lucky!

The accepted works are all 2.5" x 3.5"; these small works have become my "bread and butter" of art sales, retailing for $150 once mounted and framed. The work for the show is required to be matted in white or off white, no frames allowed.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


mixed media - watercolor and wax on 140 lb. paper
30" x 22"

For a while I have wanted to re-work several older watercolor paintings by incorporating wax medium and pigments, adding new dimensionality and details. Until now I have not combined wax with watercolor and I can tell there will be lots of experimenting to come. 

Original watercolor painting 

The original painting was inspired by the view I had of Boston from my coastal home although I painted the city as generic with no identifiable Boston landmarks.

View of Chicago seen driving in from I-90

 The architecture in Chicago has been keeping me creative and I decided to use one of my photos as a reference allowing me to add details to the existing painting.

The wax added was minimal and it is easier to see on an angle with the light reflecting. I will have to raise the matt to prevent the wax from touching the glass once I frame this, it should be interesting although I know what needs to be done.

"Eventually, I think Chicago will be
the most beautiful great city
left in the world."

- Frank Lloyd Wright