Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Remembering Georgia (work in progress)

School is dictating my art making! I have not had time to figure out what else I need to do with my demo from last weekend probably because I have been consumed with my homework, so that painting is on hold for now.

This coming weekend I have to do a 7 minute monologue, me being Georgia Okeeffe. I did research on her personal life and decided to focus on her earlier art and specifically on the year 1924 when she and Alfred Stieglitz had a joint show, the same year they got married. 

I did a painting of a calla lily as a way to connect to her art process but also something I will use as a prop this weekend when I am doing my monologue. I will actually paint during the monologue, add richness to the background, but the painting is close to finished now.

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