Saturday, February 25, 2012

Back in town!

I had been out of town and came home today to find the small painting I had purchased from one of my blog friends, Don Michael, Jr., waiting for me.

 "Swirls" (top) and "Heath" (bottom)

I love seeing the 3-dimensional mask next to the 2-dimensional painting. The two works compliment each other and feel more engaging to me. Thank you, Don!

Last Thursday was the opening reception of the Member's Winter Show at the Copley Society of Art and because I was out of town I was unable to attend, fortunately there is an excellent blog post with a summary of the show.

My painting "Echo" is included, and I am thrilled to be participating in the first Copley show since I became a member in January. 

"Echo", 12" x 12" encaustic on panel

My primary focus continues to be writing, researching, and deciding if I will actually go forward with the book project. In a way, writing has become a therapy and I don't know if publishing is the end result I am looking for... time will tell. 


  1. This painting has a lot of depth and the texture is interesting Robin.. I am sure, the end result of this writing is much more than publishing and I think it is going to be obvious to you as you proceed, keep writing!

  2. I find writing to be a bit cathartic myself. Love this encaustic piece, Robin. Congratulations on being in the show! The mask and mask painting look awesome together!

  3. Hi padmaja, the depth comes from the photograph being fused directly into the wax, and painting textures after fusing re-created the stucco textures, this was fun to create. My writing continues, whether it becomes a book or not is yet to be determined!

    Hi Sherry, yes, cathartic and blogging is our tool and a great testing ground for ideas that may otherwise remain in our heads, never shared by others.

  4. Congratulations on having your wonderful work of art featured in the show. It is one of my favorites of your works and I'm glad it's getting the recognition it deserves.

    It sounds to me that your writing is like any other creative process - you write/create for yourself and then decide later whether you want to share your creation with others. The joy comes from the act of creating. Anything beyond that is just icing on the cake...

    Thanks for sharing my two creations that you have added to your collection. It's great to see them hanging together. I didn't realize this until after the fact, but do you know that it was almost exactly one year between those two purchases? I wonder what we can come up with for next February. :-D


  5. Don, it's been fun allowing the creative process to take me on this writing journey. My latest book thought is to incorporate a few other artist's I know, and ask them to share what their definition of success is and how they work toward it. I really like seeing your 2 masks hanging together, thanks again!

  6. I love seeing Don's mask and painting hanging together. Nice writeup by the Copley Society. I agree with Don--the joy is in the creating--be it painting or writing.

  7. wow, you have a new photo, hallie! Yes, the joy is in the creating, but I still also have a goal, to finish this project with an actual book, either ebook or printed, still not sure.