Thursday, November 29, 2012

Transition into Holidays

While I begin preparing for my planned move to Chicago (June 2013), creative inspiration and new work is temporarily on hold. Studio space (the dining room) has been in a state of disarray since Thanksgiving, ever since I gave my son a shelf unit that was used to house small encaustic paintings, and throughout the month of December I will find it difficult to find undistracted studio time.

I am going to visit family end of December and possibly sign an apartment lease then. In the meantime, I have small works and prints for sale in several local and online shops:

Copley Society of Art
Lynn Arts Holiday Boutique
Etsy Shop *free shipping* use code 112912HOLIDAY
Fine Art America

I am teaching another encaustic workshop in January at Brush Strokes Studio and Gallery, (only a few spots remain open) and a watercolor workshop in March (and possibly another encaustic workshop) at Montserrat College. Details will be available soon.

December is always a crazy time of year but once the dust settles I hope to be sharing new works. In the meantime, here's to a joyful holiday season. Cheers!


  1. Have a wonderful holiday season Robin! It sounds like a very busy one for you.
    I look forward to seeing your progressions.
    Thank you for sharing your art!

  2. It willow be hard to find in distracted studio time but I'm betting you can't put all that inspiration on hold for long.

    You have a very exciting year ahead.

  3. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season, Robin. You know the dust will surely settle one of these days. I'll be excited to see what classes you offer when you are out here. I'd really love to learn that photo transfer encaustic technique of yours!

  4. Thanks for checking in, Pam.

    Right now I am easily distracted, Hallie. But I will admit, creating art keeps my mind clear!

    I will be sure to keep you posted, Sherry.

  5. Ha--looks like I was distracted when I made the comment above. Sometimes I don't notice that my iPad has made some wild guesses on what I'm trying to say; I've ordered a keyboard, which might help.

    1. I assumed spell check was the culprit on your first comment. Plus I know how much you love your iPad and it's not the same as using a keyboard. I have the 1st generation ipad and immediately got the keyboard attachment with case but now I rarely use it because it defeats the purpose of having the convenience and simplicity of the pad.

  6. Wishing you a great holiday season and fantastic sale on your lovely works Robin!