Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lupines at Sunset

"Lupines at Sunset", triptych

I had a project take on a life of its own this week. What started as a simple request for two small paintings that paired together ended with a week of painting new work and a framed triptych. I had the frame in my possession before I even started this project and it just made sense that three of the new works hang together even though they were painted separately. The truth is, in the back of my mind I had been thinking these would make a much stronger impression if they were shown together. The idea of painting small works grouped together in a single frame could be something I pursue further, it's got me excited. I had done it once before after my visit to Cape Cod this summer -

My only concern was that the ready made shadowbox frame did not show off the small works enough, even though I floated each painting with 2 layers of foam core. I did not want the frame to distract from the dimensionality of the work. Creating textures and etching into the wax, for me, is the most exciting element in these encaustic paintings.

Below are two other lupine paintings from this week, framed separately... although these would also work well together in a single diptych frame. Finding ready made diptych and triptych frames will be more challenging than painting the actual work.

Looks like I will be ending the year with new ideas for new projects, that's never a bad thing.


  1. Oh these are just beautiful, Robin!! Of course, being a "problem solver" type of person, I got hung up on your thoughts of whether the frame allows the work to shine. I wonder if using a dark mat would make the art come forward more? Not that I know left hand from right hand or anything! LOL I love the lupines!

  2. Hi Sherry, I appreciate your "problem solving"! I had considered a dark matt because this piece is not going into a show, although I always refer back to watercolor "rules" where any shade of white is the only color to use. Also I own watercolor paper which I use for the background and I like the look of the textured paper better than a matt texture. Still, I may try using a color next time. Thanks for your input.

  3. A feat for my eyes! Robin, love the assembly of 3 works in one frame, adds a lot of value!

    1. This triptych project was so much fun to put together padmaja that I am sure I will be doing more assemblies, hopefully they represent the next best thing to "being there".