Monday, February 18, 2013


12 x 12 encaustic on panel

In the mind of a visual artist, color conveys ideas better than words. I continue to play with "primitive scratchings" in order to build a more cohesive body of work that can bring us closer to the indomitable human spirit.

I am also having fun replenishing my Etsy shop (with more new work to post soon).

"Cobblestone Alley"
6" x 6" encaustic on panel


  1. The colors in that alley piece are just so beautiful!! And I meant to email you and let you know my piece arrived and it is so beautiful! Truly exquisite and gorgeous color - a breath of fresh air! I am even using my exquisite bookmark already. Thank you, Robin!

    1. Glad everything arrived safe and sound, and thank you.