Tuesday, August 13, 2013


"White Barn"


"Elm Street"

Everywhere I go I take photos and think to myself, this would make a great painting... and I have started painting mini works of these snap shots from my travels. What excites me is the process of combining photos transferred and burnished into wax, combined with pigments and oil pastels. It doesn't matter to me whether I am painting city brownstones or fields in the country just 1 hour away, the same process allows me to create textures and impressions of these vignettes encompassed in a small tangible space.

Each of these mini works is 2.5" x 3.5" and will be floated and mounted in a 10" x 10" shadowbox frame. I have just reopened my Etsy shop and there are several small works available there but these newest works will be featured in upcoming small works shows (sorry, not available on Etsy yet).


  1. These are really nice, Robin. I checked the Breakfast Group--seems like a very active group.

  2. Hallie - the breakfast group has already led to new professional friendships and gallery exhibitions. Being in this city is such a change (for the better) with so many more possibilities. It's still overwhelming to me.

  3. Gorgeous but I especially love the barn piece. Being a farm girl at heart...But the cattails too are awesome. Love that you did the city street too. Somebody takes nice care of their home with those flowers in front!

    1. I am totally impressed with the city gardens, Sherry. But even though I am not a farm girl, I get even more excited painting barns! It's funny because when I lived in New England there were barns locally but being in the midwest has me feeling more inspired by crops, farms, and barns.

  4. The details and texture on miniature scale is spell bounding , loved them so much!

  5. I love creating them too, padmaja.