Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Summer Thoughts

Today in Chicago the high temperature is predicted to teeter between 0 to 5 degrees F. Wind chills are predicted to be around 30 below F tonight! This frigid weather spell has guided my inspiration into mild summer breezes and wonderfully meditative places from my past.

"Rangeley Lake"
8" x 8" mixed media encaustic on panel

8" x 10" mixed media encaustic on panel

This month is the much awaited release of "Embracing Encaustic, Learning to Paint with Beeswax", the 3rd edition ebook, offering simplified and helpful ways of how to paint with this incredibly seductive medium. I am excited to share that I am one of the 35 artists featured in the book's Inspiration Gallery section.

My painting in the book is another favorite summer escape.

"Sunday on Snow Street"
8" x 8" mixed media encaustic on panel

Partial screen shot from e-book 

All of these encaustic paintings start with a photograph I have taken from places I have visited. The photo is then burnished and fused into layers of wax medium. I add depth, texture, and pigments with encaustic paint, oil pastels, using pottery tools to scrape and sculpt the wax. If my painting is successful, it takes you on a journey into a newly discovered space with dimensionality and tangibility. I hope I was able to warm up your body and soul with a brief journey into summer.


  1. The precision and detailing in each one of these pieces is wonderful, sure they are warm for my mind and soul!

  2. Robin, so sorry to have been away so long. I love seeing these pieces and I especially love the bridge piece. I've been referring a couple of artists to your blog who have begun to experiment in encaustic work. Hope you don't mind!

  3. OMG, Robin! Your work is so amazing! Crimson Leaves told me about your blog, since I am just starting to play with Encaustics. I will add you to my list and visit you often to see what you're doing!

  4. Like the clouds in the first one.