Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Good Earth

August is my month to take a break... but also a time to find new inspiration, create new work, and prepare for teaching upcoming workshops and weekly classes in the fall.

Summer art festivals are only a small part of what I do. What I love about the festivals is the opportunity to be up front and first hand with patrons, engage and educate people interested in what they see, to sell work to people that "fall in love"... and that does happen! I have had three excellent show experiences to date and my last festival is in September, right around the corner in my neighborhood, the Lakeview East Festival of Arts.

Last weekend I was in Michigan in an area that is known for it's vineyards and farming. The piece completed below was inspired by the vineyards in Baroda, MI.

12" x 12" 
mixed media encaustic on cradled panel

Before I left for Michigan I started a large cityscape, it's 40" x 30" and had been taking up most of my energy. The time off, painting something organic, was a much needed break but my goal is to complete this before my last festival exhibition. I will be fusing the wax, etching details, adding color and highlights with oil pastels, and probably lightening up some of the buildings. It helps stepping away and coming back with fresh eyes.

"LaSalle Street"
work in progress

My last bit of news is that a very special painting of mine, "Under the Chuppah" was accepted into the “Real People 2015” Northwest Area Arts Council National Show, opening August 6 - September 27 in Woodstock, IL.


  1. Having two of your pieces, I know the beauty and quality of your work, Robin. I especially love the grapes! Sometimes I don't know if I'll ever get to enjoy an art show, buy more art, participate in a workshop. Seems I just struggle from week to week, always. Woodstock is a lovely little town and I've been to an art show there before. A lovely venue, if it is in the same place and you've not been.

  2. Sherry, the show is in the Old Court House Arts Center in Woodstock, I may even try to go to the opening on August 22, but it's a bit of a commute from Chicago. Working full time is always a struggle, trying to make the time to paint, be creative, and I was told a long time ago to not force the creative process... to sit and wait until I was ready, some times I would go weeks without picking up a brush. Waiting is hard, too, patience.

  3. Your grapevines look exotic, so much of details have gone in to it.