Thursday, June 29, 2017

Travel Muse

Cliffs of Moher
County Clare, Ireland
24" x 36" 
encaustic and oil stick on clayboard

The past month has been a whirlwind. I finished teaching weekly classes, exhibited in 2 outdoor art festivals, and now have some time off. Participating in festivals allows me to see first hand how people respond to my paintings (not to mention allows me the best way to exhibit and sell my work).  It is exhausting to have to organize, carefully pack art, load the vehicle, then unload the vehicle, setup the tent and display walls, followed by displaying and hanging my work, and all that happens before the festival even begins! You really have to love what you do in order to find the stamina and enthusiasm to participate.

Wells Street festival

Art in the Village, setting up with my friend Kelly

At some point last month during the craziness of festival exhibitions I decided to travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico, in July. I've never been there and have always felt the landscape in the southwest to be a beautiful inspiration. I am curious to see the art galleries, but more excited to see the landscape, rocks and terra cotta colors.

I also decided to signup for a 9 day encaustic workshop being put together by 2 artists I have met at the International Encaustic Conference. The workshop is in September and is being hosted by The Burren College of Art in County Clare, Ireland. Five days of painting along with several days of touring in County Clare. A highlight for me will be seeing the Cliffs of Moher (painted above using various photographs).

Deciding to participate in this trip had a lot to do with two successful festival exhibitions, but it also flowed into my most recent interests in the history of 16th and 17th century England and Europe. I have spent "quality" time watching shows on Netflix, specifically about Henry the 8th and Mary Queen of Scots. I love when life, history, and landscape are an artistic muse.

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