Saturday, December 5, 2009

Encaustic transfers of original artwork

The holiday season is not going to stress me out, I am making that promise to myself! I am also in class next weekend, moving to a new home end of the month, and in order to remain somewhat peaceful (something I am not that good at) I have to make time for art, small scale art... that is why I enjoy making the art cards.

ATCs - small size works, quick results.

I have had many requests for geisha atcs. The geishas as a theme seems to be popular worldwide, (I had no idea), and I had already been painting geishas regularly. I decided to use the jpg images of my paintings to transfer into wax medium.

I am still trying to improve my transfer technique. Shown below are my first and 2nd batch of encaustic geisha atcs.

2nd attempt at geisha transfers

(this time I used an uncropped version of my painting)

1st attempt at geisha transfers

(cropped version of geisha painting)

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  1. I am so glad that I have stumbled across your blog whilst blog-hopping. Wow, your work is amazing, very impressive.
    I have added myself as a follower, I hope you don't mind.