Saturday, October 30, 2010

MTEL's - results are in

Yesterday I received my initial test results from when I took the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure last month. I passed all three tests. YEAH! I had thought the communication and literacy test was not too difficult, both written and reading tests, but you never know. The visual arts test was a real challenge! The questions covered the classics to modern art to graphic design. It was humbling for sure. I will get my numerical scores in postal mail next week, then I can take the next, final step ... applying for the actual license through the Department of Education.

And I had more good news - I sold 3 encaustic paintings off of my website this week. Out of the blue someone found my site and decided to purchase two small works; once he received them he decided to buy one more. It was the first time I had used my paypal feature but it sure made the sale transaction go smoothly.

I am slowly painting a large 30" x 22" watercolor as my demo for the class I teach. I was going to work on it today but ended up getting sidetracked with a few Halloween diversions. 

The pumpkin was designed by my daughter, she said this was a "Harry Potter-esque pumpkin".

Happy Halloween!


  1. Congratulations. I'm not surprised that you passed all three tests. I looked at your website again, and I'm not surprised that someone bought three beautiful pieces. May all good things come in threes (or more)this year.

  2. thanks so much, Hallie. The best things always seem to happen when there are no expectations.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS ROBIN!!!!!! Fantastic news. Like Hallie, I'm not at all surprised you passed all your tests and not at all surprised your work is selling.
    You've worked tremendously hard for all your successes. All are well deserved.
    And your daughter did a great job on the pumpkin!

  4. You're rockin' it, sister. Keep up the great work. Tell your daughter I love her "Harry Potter-esque" Jack-o-lantern. Hope your Halloween was fun.


  5. Yes, fantastic news, however... now I have to decide if I really want to put my energy into finding a public school art teacher job. I am still looking for college level teaching opportunities (in addition to my continuing ed. job) but having the license is definitely an asset. Thanks once again for your positive comments; you guys are like my personal cheerleaders!