Thursday, October 7, 2010

On the road tomorrow... Paradise City Fine Arts and Crafts Show

Last year I brought a few new encaustic works to the show but I was still confused, trying to figure out what I was doing with my art and the encaustic medium. It was the beginning of a new series and I hadn't realized it yet... isn't that always the way a new series begins?

It's been a hectic week to say the least, and tonight I teach my continuing ed class. I have a fun, easy lesson planned, using masking tape as a resist so we can work on watercolor washes and layering color yet keeping it transparent. I spent most of the day loading my car and packing up everything for the 3 day show (actually I spent most of last night not sleeping, trying to plan out in my mind what I needed so loading today would be easier). My body of work has changed since last year and I am bringing more encaustics and less watercolor paintings; landscape as a subject matter will be the bond that ties these two different mediums together with my "Pathways and Transitions" series making it's debut.

I hit the road in the morning, driving to the western part of the state where I will have the day to setup my booth, the show opens Saturday at 10am. The weather is perfect, finally, and this is a peak weekend for New England autumn foliage viewing.

There has been excellent PR for the show (a reason I love doing it) and people always come to look, whether they decide to shop or not is another question! If I am lucky, a few of my loyal patrons will come see me even if it's just to say hello.


  1. You're on the road now (in more ways than one). Hope it's a great weekend. Food and art--a great combination.

  2. Wishing you success this weekend! Glad the weather's looking good. It must be beautiful there now with the fall colors.

  3. Thank you for the good luck wishes, Hallie and Deborah. I will take photos of my booth and if I am not too tired will blog about the first day of the show tonight.