Tuesday, August 9, 2011

End of Summer

It really feels like fall is lurking around the corner... at least that's the way the ocean looked to me today.

"End of Summer", 18" x 24" encaustic painting


  1. Love your treatment of the waves.

    Today I noticed some trees starting to turn color already... and it's still 98 degrees outside! Although the heat has been stifling, I'm not ready for fall yet... 'cause it means winter is on it's inevitable way!

  2. Deborah, it's still hot and humid here too, and it will be for at least another month, but still, fall is lurking around the corner! I am really getting into the flow of the waves, sky, how the colors change daily, and how it meshes so well when I am painting with wax.

  3. Robin, this is just beautiful and just fans to life an old dream of living along the Atlantic coast up in Maine. I so love the tempest of the seas.