Saturday, December 10, 2011

Demo's from last weekend

"Dreaming", 8" x 8" encaustic on panel

This week I was able to complete one of my demonstration paintings from last Saturday's reception. I added oil pastel and a greater sense of depth with pigmented wax, now this feels right to me. I continue to question why I am so attracted to painting the landscape even though I always admire abstract art done by other artists. I thought I would feel connected to vibrant color with the second demo started last weekend, but it just doesn't click with me when it's me painting! I am going to add white oil pastel to the piece below, and it will probably become more of a "thing", I just don't know what thing that will be yet.

"Abstract", 8" x 8", work in progress

My big project waiting to happen is going to be working larger using jumbo sized watercolor paper (that's been sitting in my studio for years). I want to have fun, mask with tape creating resists and many layers of watercolor washes, trees are going to continue to be my inspiration. 

Somehow I managed to do most of my holiday shopping already and now I can have some fun stimulating my creative juices.


  1. Oh I do love those trees. Such a magical forest feeling. The greens are spectacular, Robin!

  2. Sounds like you prefer landscape to abstract too, Sherry!

  3. "Dreaming" is you, Robin, and I think I've been in those woods. I definitely look forward to the abstract developing.

    Congratulations on your holiday shopping; I just started tonight--on the internet--and have half my cards addressed. (This is typical for me--could even be a bit early.)

  4. I love your trees, as always, but my mouth is wide open in awe at that gorgeous abstract piece you're working on. There is such a wonderful energy to the entire piece. I can't believe you weren't feeling it as you were painting it, because it sure clicks with me! As far as I'm concerned, it's already a "thing", but of course, that's just my opinion. I look forward to seeing where you go with it... Have fun!


  5. A successful painting is one that translates to others, I am glad you feel the woods too, Hallie.

    Don, the energy comes from encaustic medium, literally, not so much from me! I am still stuck and going no where with the abstract and decided not to force it. Maybe it won't change, maybe.

  6. "Dreaming" is so beautiful Robin. It makes me want to walk down that path. I love the colors you used.

    I also like the abstract. I like both representational art and abstracts. This one has a lot of movement and I look forward to seeing the direction it takes.

  7. Color is the key ingredient to everything I do, Nancy, thanks. I am still not sure what to change in the abstract, until I have a definite direction I am doing nothing.

  8. You really created a feeling of a deep forest. Trees are really your forte! I love them too. As an abstract artist, I don't usually look for things in abstract paintings, but some figures and a bird to right, seem to be rising from the energy below on the left. It is a very colorful marbleized design and I am sure you come up with something to resolve it.

  9. Thanks for your encouraging words, Eva, although I am not sure the abstract is going to be something I continue to work on. Time will tell.