Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello, 2012

Reflecting and summarizing events from the past year has always helped me to plan new goals for the coming year. Initially I wasn't feeling the success of 2011 because of an overall decrease in art sales but then as I reviewed each month, I realized 2011 was actually a year of personal bests.

I painted what became the first piece in the Water Life series, "Low Tide". Capturing the motion and mood of the ocean, painting free-hand with the encaustic medium, began with this painting. I continued to develop this series throughout the year. 

"Low Tide", 16" x 20" encaustic on panel

I taught 1 of the 2 annual watercolor workshops I offer through Montserrat College of Art. Some of my best paintings are the result of class demonstrations.

I entered a juried photography show at Lynn Arts and my photograph was one of the three award winning photos in the show.

"After the Storm", 16" x 20", b/w photograph

I travelled to the Tuscany region in Italy, was inspired by the medieval cities and vineyards, and came home to discover I had won a 3rd place award in the Swampscott Arts Association spring show.

"Spring Pathway", 20" x 16", encaustic on panel

My encaustic painting, "Storm Wave" was accepted into the Cambridge Art Association National Prize show.

"Storm Wave", 16" x 20", encaustic on panel

I re-designed my website and decided it was time to take charge and manage it without outside help. I changed the entire layout and continue to maintain my updates on a more timely basis. 

The Marblehead Festival of Arts is an annual juried Fourth of July art event that attracts artists throughout Essex County. My mixed media piece, "Gray Day at the Beach" received the Best of Show award in the mixed media exhibit, and my watercolor painting, "Howling at the Moon" received the Edward Carey award in the painting exhibit.

"Gray Day at the Beach", 8" x 8" encaustic on panel

"Howling at the Moon", 30" x 22" watercolor on paper 
(this was my demo painting from the February watercolor workshop I taught )

I also applied for an artist membership at the Copley Society in Boston. The application procedure began in July (and was not completed until September).

The Salem Art Association in conjunction with the Peabody Essex Museum hosted a juried water themed show and my painting "Waves" was accepted.

"Waves", 18" x 24" encaustic on panel

I received word my painting "Howling at the Moon" was accepted into the New England Watercolor Society Annual Show. I also heard that I was accepted as an artist member to the Copley Society.

"Waves" received 2nd place in the Swampscott Arts Association fall show. I taught another watercolor workshop at Montserrat College of Art and completed another successful demonstration painting.

My solo show opened at Lynn Arts and I featured the Pathways and Transition series. I also demonstrated encaustic painting techniques during my opening reception and am now looking into teaching encaustic workshops through Lynn Arts.

Sales during the holiday season were generated through the Fine Art America website.

2011 was a year of both personal and professional growth. I hope to continue on the same creative path in 2012. I already have a speaking engagement at the Enterprise Center at Salem State University in February and my passion for pursuing the business of the arts may even lead to a book writing attempt. 

I don't know what the coming year will bring but I am determined to follow my heart and my instincts and continue to open myself to new opportunities. Happy New Year.


  1. Great post Robin and what wonderful accomplishments. Congrats! I love your last paragraph about following your heart and instincts, being open to new opportunities....I whole heartedly agree and look forward to what 2012 holds for you too.

    All the best, Kathleen

  2. 2011 Really was a year of wonderful recognition for you, Robin! I know I've enjoyed your blog so very much and hope that one day you'll post a step by step process of your encaustic work (when you do an image transfer) as I've been smitten since seeing your final pieces! May your 2012 be even more successful and personally rewarding!

  3. Kathleen, writing the year's summary was what made realize I really did have a great year and it reconfirmed for me that opportunities and artistic growth comes from everywhere. Here's to 2012!

    Sherry, I will try and create a step by step video of the image transfer process in 2012, a new goal for myself. Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Wow!I would say you had a fantastic and busy year! Bravo!

  5. I didn't realize it until I made notes for this blog post, Eva... 2011 really was a good year. Selling art is such a small piece of the puzzle. Thanks.

  6. I knew you had a great year because I just kept typing "Congratulations." This is a well-written review of your year; you explain the hard work, then we see the rewards and recognition. I'm sure I'll be typing "Congratulations" in the comments in 2012. You are an inspiration.

  7. Thank you, Hallie. I wrote this review and it also helped me to prepare for my upcoming speaking engagement. I think it's important to "practice what you preach", which fortunately is exactly what this summary points out for me.

  8. Happy New Year, Robin! I'd say 2011 was quite the successful year for you! Congratulations on all of your successes. I've enjoyed being along for the ride.


  9. Thank you, Don. I feel the same way when I read about your successes, too. Here's to 2012... bring it on!

  10. Great year for a great lady...'nuff said.