Friday, October 25, 2013

Inspiration is Everywhere

Lately everywhere I go I take photos and think about how I want to paint where I have been. I am working small (3.5 x 2.5), medium (6 x 6), and large (12 x 12).

Here are a few new small works from local neighborhood places. I plan on painting a larger version of the Autumn trees this weekend, I love the colors in nature this time of year.

The snow scene below will be in the Copley Society small works holiday show along with three other paintings, opening reception is November 14.

I also painted my favorite morning scene, a misty Goldenrod Meadow in Vermont, this time it's a larger 12 x 12 version, probably the last time I will paint this place.

The strongest common element in each of these encaustic paintings is the linear etching in the wax. I am in the zone right now and looking forward to painting all weekend.


  1. As I scrolled down, I kept saying "wow." Goldenrod Meadow is stunning. You're definitely in the zone!

  2. Yes, it is obviously visible from these lovely works that you are in the zone! Each one is competing with the other, the yellow and green in the last one is stunning! I look forward to your larger version of the autumn tree!

  3. Oh how I love that skyline scene especially! All beautiful pieces, Robin!