Saturday, August 12, 2017

Studio Visit Magazine, volume #38

I have two paintings featured in volume #38 of Studio Visit Magazine, now available in galleries across the country (it's also available online ~ free ~ as a PDF file).

I submitted work last winter on a whim, and was pleasantly surprised when I received word of acceptance by juror Diana Gaston. Sometimes I doubt my impressionistic style of landscape painting. Much of my professional network on social media sites is inundated with abstract/contemporary/minimalist artists. Over the years the struggle with my inner critic, haunting me when I least expect it, forces me to re-evaluate what I am trying to do with my art and how I present it to the world (as an extension of my creative self). I am always working towards trusting my choices. This self doubt becomes an exercise that I have come to realize is necessary in order to nurture, learn, and grow as a professional artist.

Next weekend is my final summer festival exhibition of the season before I shift into teaching mode. The Evanston Art & Big Fork Festival is a three day event, combines fine art with fine food establishments and live music. It is important to me that I create an exhibition space that represents a cohesive body of work. Something new to my exhibition is the addition of natural wood frames.

I resume teaching both weekly classes and workshops in September at both Evanston Art Center and North Shore Art League. Before I am back into a weekly teaching routine, I am going to be in Ireland beginning of September, attending an encaustic workshop at the Burren College of Art, taught by Lora Murphy and Kathryn Bevier. I will embrace the opportunity to take what I learn with these two fine artists and see how I incorporate it into what I already know. Workshops are a luxury that I don't get to do often enough, and being in Ireland will certainly inspire a new vision for land inspired paintings.

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  1. I could have written that paragraph! Totally relate to what you are talking about, I love your style! Wow, a workshop in Ireland! Have a great time learning and also creating a new body of works from your experience, look forward to it!