Wednesday, July 8, 2009

6 x 6 panel

6 x 6 image transfer with encaustic paint

The panel covered with wax medium is in the foreground, melted wax medium in the fondue pot, and the griddle is for heating the colored wax. My dining room was my studio for this piece.

It's summer vacation!
Finally, no school (classes as student, teacher), no shows for a few months, nothing but free time until August. I am visiting family in Chicago end of the week but now have time to take out the griddle and use the birch panels I ordered a few weeks ago. I can start working a little larger with the encaustics; doing the 2.5 x 3.5 art cards is not enough of a challenge anymore. The 6x6 panels now feel manageable.

I setup my fondue pot for melting the wax medium, the griddle for melting the pigmented wax, and spent a good portion of time just preparing the panel with medium. Once the layers of wax were fused I burnished in an image of birch trees. I then painted with colored wax to give more depth to the image transfer. I kept the first birch tree image transfer I did visible while working on this 2nd piece so I could remember to keep the same feeling in this panel... this may become a series of birch tree image transfers all on 6x6 panels.


  1. I really like what you're doing here. This is a really nice piece. I especially like your expressive brush strokes with the encaustic. Thanks for taking me thru your process. The images that you transfer - are they your own photos? Keep these beauties coming... -Don

  2. how do you actually transfer the image. what kind of print? laser or inkjet? do you disolve the paper with water or acetone. really appreciate any information as i've been challenged with the process in my encaustic works. thanks, lynda