Friday, July 3, 2009


Art Cards for sale

The sound of no rain falling is music to my ears! It has been raining here in the northeast for days and today I setup my tent and display panels in preparation for the art festival this weekend (tomorrow morning I will bring my artwork). The weather forecast is hopeful however watercolor paintings are never happy in a wet environment. I have tried to seal the seams of my tent (there were a few leaks last time I used it) and I also have large plastic tarps if all else fails, but the key ingredient to any show is always the attendance. Indoor shows the weather is never an issue... this is the reason I usually don't get involved with outdoor shows. I hope the weather co-operates and people are looking forward to the festival.

My newest additions to my exhibit will be the art cards, encaustics, and sumi-e paintings. This show will determine for me what will go to the fall Paradise City show in Northampton. I am curious to see how people respond.

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  1. Good luck, Robin. I wish you good weather, great crowds and much success. Happy 4th, -Don