Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I get it now, I think.

My first encaustic image transfer was done in the June workshop under the supervision and in the environment of experienced encaustic painters. I was pleased with the results but once I started doing them at home I felt like I must have had beginners luck because rubbing off the paper without ripping the image seemed to be a real challenge. I realized if the wax medium was still warm the image was easier to transfer, plus I knew the toner images I had made at Staples were also the best type for transfers. Today I finally remembered how to transfer properly; it's clean work and I am pleased.

I have now done a series of 4 image transfers, all of trees, and I feel like I am ready to start something different. Yesterday's sunflower painting was my first attempt at using pigmented wax rather than working with an image transfer and I feel like it's time to work on luminosity in landscapes with encaustics.

As a side note, I did get to Ikea today and bought 36 shadowbox frames! I plan on framing encaustic and sumi e art cards and will hope offering a smaller, more affordable piece of original framed artwork will be appealing at my next show.


  1. Congradulations ! ! On your new venue, much good luck ! I especially like the " Up stream"
    good perspective.