Sunday, April 25, 2010


It's hard to believe but a little less than two years ago I decided to go back to school and now I am ready to present all the work I have accomplished since I began. This Friday night is my thesis presentation followed by a public art show of everyone's work in my graduating class (all 14 of us!

I have learned how to expose my vulnerabilities and weaknesses in art expression, and by doing this I have found a balance in my art-making and a willingness to exhibit my creative process, not just the end result. I have discovered new mediums as well as new subject matter and for the first time I am going to show works I would have considered private, but these works are the essence of my creative process since being in graduate school.

My current body of professional works are not just watercolor landscapes anymore, but encaustic paintings and photographs as well. These are the works I am looking to exhibit and in the next week or two I will hear if I was accepted to show next year in a local gallery. As much as I love the translucent qualities of the watercolor medium, I am also intrigued with the luminous effects of wax using the encaustic medium. I look forward to learning more about encaustics at the upcoming conference hope to pursue teaching at the college level now that I will have a master degree. I feel like the future holds the potential for endless possibilities.

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