Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Artist Statement

Spring is in the air and yesterday I spent time re-writing and updating my artist statement. I decided it was time to change my focus from watercolor painting to include my use of photography as well as encaustics. I think it's a healthy exercise to always maintain an explanation of why we make art and what our creative process is.

Artist Statement:
"To live life with intensity, passion, and expression; this is why I am inspired to create art. Capturing a place and time in nature is the most common theme in my paintings and I find there is a constant serenity in the natural elements that surround us. I recognize that we each see things in our own way and it has become my ongoing challenge to translate what appeals to our senses in the real world into an artistic expression. By using color and shape as a base for viewing the theme in my paintings, I strive toward discovering a happy medium between photographic realism and spiritual impressionism. The landscape is my foundation for interpreting nature as it is rendered into a sense of balance and wholeness. My most successful paintings draw the viewer into the feeling I have created and a shared communication develops between us. As my art-making journey continues to change and grow, I have opened myself to the endless possibilities of constantly changing artistic expression. Currently I am exploring the essential connection between seeing and capturing the composition through the camera lens, then re-interpreting it with encaustics as well as with watercolor."


  1. Bravo Robin! Starting with a powerful opening, I thought the whole statement was compelling and insightful.

    (And thanks for reminding me that my statement is badly in need of updating too!)

  2. Nice statement, Robin. I especially liked that your are"...discovering a happy medium between photographic realism and spiritual impressionism." That's some good stuff!


  3. Thanks you guys... you are both so supportive. I am getting ready to submit a proposal to a college seminar collaboration opportunity and I needed to make sure all my required writings were current. I am glad my words were understandable for you to read.