Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Four Seasons of Pathways

Spring 2010

Winter 2009-2010

Autumn 2009

Summer 2009

Last summer I started working on a series of paintings inspired by the photographs I took when I visited a local bird sanctuary. Each photograph was interpreted as both a watercolor and encaustic painting. The encaustics I painted started as image transfers then were highlighted with pigmented wax (you will notice they are a reverse of the watercolor compositions).

Once my initial summer paintings were done, I realized how not being as familiar or as comfortable with the "up close and in your face" version of the pathway lead me to a less detailed depiction. Each time after that when I incorporated details in my encaustic image transfers, my watercolor paintings became more detailed as well. By springtime, I was concerned that I needed specific, accurate markings in the landscape and I worked toward that in my last watercolor.

I had taken other photographs, also interpreted with the wax medium as image transfers, but I have only painted the 4 watercolors (to date) that I am sharing in this post. I look forward to planning a solo show featuring the entire body of this work (35 pieces total, photographs, encaustics, and watercolors) some time next year.


  1. Wow Robin! These are all stunning. I have to say that the top one is my favorite because of all the purples.

  2. Thanks for visiting my site, Kathleen. I have been away from blogging and my internet hobbies but I am curious to see what you have been up to, going to do that now!