Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Graduate Art Show

A series of portrait studies - literal and spiritual, encaustic and watercolor mediums

This past weekend I completed my thesis presentation and am now preparing to graduate with a Master of Education in Arts and Learning. The last school activity is the graduate art show which I have been busy organizing and hanging, the opening is this Thursday. I decided to hang the personal process artworks that I created during my course studies, very different from the landscape paintings I am known for. The encaustic works have captured my passion and now that I am finished with school I can focus on learning more and I look forward to the conference next month. Blogging was a way I was able to process my thoughts during graduate school and now that I am graduating I don't know how it will feel to continue... time will tell.


  1. Congratulations on earning your Master's Degree! I hope you keep up the blogging. You can continue to process your thoughts as you delve more into the new media you have discovered and continue to explore. I cannot wait to see where you go with your encaustic work. Happy Creating!


  2. Hi Robin!
    Congratulations on your Masters. That is an awesome accomplishment. Sending a cyber-space high 5 your way.

    To me there is something very special about the collection of your works shown here...very personal, very beautiful.

    I'm with Don, I too hope you will continue to blog. And I love your encaustic work.

  3. Thanks for the congratulations, Don and Kathleen! The two of you have become part of a wonderful online support system for me (and I am sure for many other blogger and facebook artists, too.) It's nice to have the ability to share via the internet.