Friday, August 20, 2010

Transition time of year

The official end of summer is always defined for me by the beginning of a new school year and all that needs to get done prior to the first day of school. This past week I had to retrieve both of my daughters from summer activities on the cape (same aweful drive on 93S, two days in a row). I managed to put quality time in rush hour traffic getting through Boston, yuck! Now we have several days before we are back on the road heading for upstate New York. The challenge is the quick transition from camp mode to school mode, and right now making new art is not going to happen for me until the school transitions for both of my daughters are complete. I miss the meditation that goes along with my art making.

Art news I can share is that two of my pieces now have new owners, both works are personal favorites. When I have the time, I plan on doing several other versions of the white buddha image transfer, and then it will be time to organize my body of work for the Columbus Day weekend Paradise City art show.

Now in Chicago,
"Bamboo", sumi-e and watercolor
"White Buddha", encaustic image transfer


  1. Hi Robin!

    Congrats on the sales. I have always loved your Bamboo paintings.

    Your comment about "the meditation that goes along with your art making" truly resonates with me. I hope your daughter's transitions back to school goes smoothly and you are back to your meditation soon.

  2. I love the bamboo painting too. It's pretty amazing how much into 'the zone' you can get while painting... if only the rest of life could be that peaceful! Best of luck getting your daughters back on track.

  3. Upstate NY is so pretty! I love it up there. Congratulations on your sales too. That has to feel good!

  4. Hi Kathleen, summer was wonderful for me but in the fall I gear up for new art making and art business, I am looking forward to it all.

    Deborah, the sumi-e paintings require lots of practice; it truly is meditation!

    Autumn, the drive to Ithaca is always breathtaking. Hopefully I will actually take photos this time driving up, inspiration for my next landscape painting.

  5. You know how much I've been enjoying your bamboo work since our ArtScuttlebutt days. I'm so glad for you that these pieces sold. It's always such a warm feeling to know your work is loved by someone enough that they would be willing to buy it and bring it into their home. Congrats.