Friday, August 27, 2010


Please let me know what you think -

My new web design, new features, and hopefully easy navigation. I think the link to the "movie" does not work on PC's (I use a mac) but other than that, everything is in working order. Finally, I can relax and enjoy the new look.


  1. Nice job, Robin. My favorite part is how I can move my cursor around on your different gallery icons and it will show me the different works in that particular gallery. Nice touch...


  2. It looks great Robin. I'm amazed that you were able to make a website by yourself. You should be very proud of your 'baby'.

  3. Thanks, Don. Every time I sign online, I find some other detail to change or correct. I like that I can do all the busy work and I don't depend on someone else anymore.

    Nancy, I am proud, and so happy I finally made myself learn how to do this. I can't say I have done any new paintings lately, but I consider web design another art form and this has been time consuming to say the least.

  4. Nice Job Nancy. I understand about how hard it is to create and maintain a website. I did mine on a PC using a web software that doesn't have all of the nice galleries you have and even that took forever to figure out and do. My hats off to you!

  5. Robin, I finally got a chance to look at your awesome website! It's fantastic.
    I especially love your gallery. It is so easy to navigate and to get back to the album and index. Well done!
    For my personal taste, the font is too small. I know people can increase the size on their own computers, but I personally never do that.
    The content and layout- superb!!! And feel free to disregard my font size comment. I know small font is the trend.

  6. Eva, I could not have done my own website without the simplicity of the software program I used. Keeping up with new technology is half the battle.

    Pam, I think it's easy to navigate too. I did start off using a larger font but switched to the standard size 12. I know it is smaller on some browsers but it looks cleaner in the overall presentation. I may increase font size in time, but I am still working out details in the presentation and appreciate your feedback because it helps me figure things out.

  7. Robin, I use Mozilla- and things can look different in Mozilla.
    After making that comment, I wish I hadn't done so. I too design and maintain my own websites- business and personal and know how much time, energy and effort goes into the entire process.
    So- you definitely don't need someone like me giving you criticism no matter how well intentioned.
    Your website looks awesome! I'm super impressed and love your gallery. It's exactly the kind of gallery I would love to have someday if I ever could figure out how to do it.

  8. Pam, I really do need feedback, that's why I posted this topic in my blog!

    One of the details I have to work out is viewing the new site on all different browsers, firefox was the one I had not checked out yet (doing that as I sit here typing to you now). I use macs for my work but still have a PC in the house for those instances when the mac doesn't let me open a file or something... what I am thinking of doing is changing the color of the white font, to something a little less harsh and that may help the appearance. (I just dulled the white font on my blog). It all takes time to figure out and I truly need input from fellow bloggers.