Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Follow-up on Watercolor Workshop

Last week was a vacation week for the schools here and I was out of town in between teaching the two Saturday watercolor workshops at Montserrat College. It was the first time my class was offered on Saturdays and it was by far more productive and successful teaching with a longer block of time (in the past my classes were offered once a week in the evenings for two hours). I hope to continue with the Saturday schedule in the fall as continuing ed classes are not offered late spring and summer time.

We focused on landscape painting during this second class and my initial watercolor wash simply establishes a composition; it will be fun building up layers of paint as I work on adding depth and details.

I asked my students if I could share their work on my blog, they were all so successful! The workshop consisted of beginners to experienced painters. I am so proud of what everyone accomplished:

Pat Flaherty

Barbara Gherzi

Judith Eskin

Norm Bosse

Barbara Defranza

Mary Lynn Burke

Betty Dumas


  1. OMG!!! All of your students are so talented! I'm in awe.
    Sounds like you had fun teaching. I hope you get to keep the extended format.

  2. Wow Robin, your students did an amazing job. Kudos to the teacher too!

  3. congratulation on your workshop. It looks like your students had a lots of fun and created some lovely paintings!

  4. Now that looks like some fun to me! This class must have a good teacher. ;-) I haven't done a watercolor in years. Seeing this has put a little itch in my psyche.


  5. I don't see a beginner amongst them. If those are beginners, methinks I need to take your class! Every one is beautiful and your own is looking divine! Can't wait to see more!

  6. Pam, I think teaching makes me understand people better, and my own process better too. I love it!
    Deborah, I know you share in the same teaching joy, as I have read on your blog.
    Thank you Eva, my priority was to make sure everyone had "fun" the entire time we were painting together.
    Don, let me know if you try watercolor, I would love to see your work in the medium.
    Sherry, if I can find the time to work on my own painting, I plan on sharing the outcome, time seems to be an issue for me lately.

    I appreciate all your comments, I have missed blogging and am glad to be back.