Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Next painting...

My next encaustic painting will be one of these two images. I have already printed both in 12" x 12" but I have not had the time to decide which one to use. With the long holiday weekend almost here, I should finally have the time. I have already painted the Tuscan landscape in watercolor because the rolling vineyards, purple mountains, and lush greens captivated me. Now I am leaning toward the cobblestones with silhouette, focusing on texture and shadows, not color and hue. Which do you prefer?


  1. I think I'll side with you--I like the dramatic light in the top one. Then again, there's a dramatic sky in the bottom one. This is what I read once: Flip a coin. If, while the coin is in the air, you're rooting for either heads or tails--go with that choice. (I've never actually done this.)

  2. My coin landed on heads. So I pick the top one. :-)

    Actually, I love the dramatic feel of the top one. I like that the silhouette of the person could be either coming or going. I like the side door. I love the light at the end of the tunnel. It's just a great composition all the way around.


  3. I like both photos! The top one has much drama and is so unique!

  4. That architectural image is most engaging. Thanks for the follow on my site. Welcome. Your pieces here are wonderful, and transfers have recently attracted my attention. Very cool blog. I'd love to know that process involving encaustic.

  5. Hallie, I am rooting for something different from my usual, which means the cobblestone, guess the coin was heads!

    Definitely there is an emotional connection in the top one, Don. I am going to give it a try.

    Thanks, Sherry.

    William, I have seen your posts and decided it was time to check out your blog, I want to follow and see your process, it looks amazing. I will probably blog about this next piece after the weekend, assuming I actually get started on it. Thanks for following me too.