Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer Festival time

Saturday morning I plan on submitting an assortment of my work to the annual Marblehead Festival of ArtsEvery 4th of July weekend I look forward to participating in this event, whether it is by acceptance to one of the juried shows, or because I signed up for the "Painting the Town" (plein air) day. This year I decided to submit work to more venues than ever before although I think I will pass on the plein air event. Notifications on acceptance (or rejection) are sent mid June so I will keep you posted on results.

Marblehead is known for it's sailing community, and in the summer time the yacht clubs draw tourists from all over the world. It is also known for being the birth place for the American Navy, and home to the painting, "Spirit of '76". I recommend visiting the links above, all related to the wonderful New England history right next door to where I live.

"Howling at the Moon" is one of my newest (and favorite) watercolor paintings that has not been shown anywhere as of yet. I hope it is accepted into the painting exhibit.

"Winter Wonderland" won an award in the Lynn Arts photo show this past winter. Photography has become an integral part of my encaustic painting development.

"Sitting" is another one of my new pastel drawings, I have never tried to enter the drawing venue of this festival before.

Lastly, my large version of "Wisteria" has not been shown yet. "Gray Day at the Beach" has only been shown once before. I was a judge for the mixed media exhibit last year and I am hoping that both pieces are accepted.

It really is such a change for me to be involved in so many different art mediums. I can still remember when I was only sharing watercolor paintings; it sure is nice to see personal change and growth.


  1. You are definitely on a roll. Howling at the Moon is one of my favorites and I'm loving the pastel figures.

  2. These are all beautiful Robin. I really like the colors and sense of depth in "Howling at the Moon". Good luck with the contests. This seems to be the time of year that so many contests happen. I'm entering 5 or 6 in the next couple of months.

  3. Hallie, the pastel figures intrigue me and I am not sure why I keep pursuing something so different from my usual but I figure as long as it's fun I will keep at it.

    This is the time of year for all those "contests" Nancy. Good luck with your entries.

  4. Howling at the Moon is ace. I'm sure that one will go down a storm.

  5. Each of these paintings (or photo) are just so visually appealing, so very beautiful. I hope you enjoy the show, Robin!

  6. Mark, the art exhibits for this particular festival are usually more traditional. Here's to hoping "ace" gets in.

    Thanks, Sherry. I hope these pieces are accepted, but regardless I always enjoy the show. It lasts 4 days and there are performing arts, literary arts, culinary arts, along with visual arts. Fun times!

  7. I agree with the other commentary that Howling at the Moon is a stellar work. But then, all of your work is.
    Congrats on your drawing being juried in as mentioned in your prior blog!
    You are in a wonderful cycle of work and it is exciting to witness.

  8. In a way, its "hit or miss" with these juried shows, Pam. Judges decide what they want a show to look like and then look for the work that fits their criteria, guess I have been on a good run lately.

  9. Love Howling at the Moon. You really have a nice assortment of images. Good luck with your shows.

  10. Love Howling at the Moon too. And I love the new ocean waves and your figure drawing. Keep 'em coming!