Monday, May 9, 2011

"Pretty as a Picture", encaustic painting interview

link to interview - Swampscott Patch

Yesterday I woke up to find the interview from last week already published online, it was an unexpected Mother's Day gift. That, combined with my acceptance to the Cambridge Art Association's Northeast Prize Show has encouraged me to continue exploring encaustic image transfers and painting. My painting "Storm Wave" is in the show; one of 112 pieces out of 725 submissions. I must be doing something right! 


  1. Robin, you are doing a lot of things right and I'm so glad you're sharing your journey through this blog. I think this is just the beginning.

    Happy belated Mother's Day.

  2. Of course you are, Robin. Your work is beautiful and why I follow your blog!

  3. I always appreciate your support, Hallie. You know how competitive the art world can be and how determined one has to be to survive.

    Sherry, thank you for your consistent support.

  4. Robin you are doing something right !! Your work is lovely and unique and you are a special person. I admire you for sticking to your technique even when you questioned yourself about it. The interview was great. Your encaustic painting looked like a Monet. Bravo!! This is just the tip of your success :O)

  5. Robin- That interview is fantastic! It was obvious the reporter enjoyed her time with you and respected you greatly as an artist.
    Congratulations on your acceptance to the Northeast Prize Show!!!
    You are doing lots and lots right!!!

  6. What a wonderful article Robin. I'm glad that encaustics are getting more press and you, as an encaustics artist, are pushing it out there. This is such a beautiful painting.

    Congratulations on getting "Storm Wave" into the show. That's quite an honor to be picked from so many entries. Keep it up. You're moving forward very quickly.