Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Treescape #3

"Crescent Moon", 22" x 30" watercolor 

I am still wandering around in a very dense forest (in my mind) and feel the need to continue painting treescapes. Hopefully I will get this out of my system soon but for now I am just gonna go with the flow, layering color with exaggerated linear elements. I start teaching March 17 (the last class I taught ended right before Thanksgiving) and the new treescapes have been a much needed reconnection with watercolor.

Photographing unframed watercolor paintings has never been a problem for me but I have recently noticed a huge difference when the photo is taken in bright sunlight outdoors compared to indirect light. I am not sure which is best to use but indirect light is probably closest to what the painting would look like hanging on a wall under glass. I wonder what other artists do about photographing their works?


  1. I love this series you are creating Robin, sometimes wandering does help to explore! I think indirect light brings out the image nearer to the original work.

  2. Oh so gorgeous harvest colors in this one, Robin!! I am loving this series, so you can keep 'em coming until you tire of them yourself. I never get tired of trees! I'm enjoying looking for the owl, for the moon too.

  3. padmaja, the other day I took photos in bright sunlight and the colors were more vibrant when I downloaded them and it made me wonder if I should use the bright light from now on (because it made the colors pop) but thanks for your feedback, I suppose making a piece look better online can't hurt but keeping colors as close to the real thing is a better choice :) .

    Sherry, the next color I am thinking about - RED! In the back of my mind I am inspired by the seven chakras, and red is the base chakra. Purple is the crown (and was the first treescape painting from last weekend), orange (yesterday's painting) represents sacral.