Sunday, March 4, 2012

more... Treescapes

"Night Owl", 22" x 30" watercolor

I spent the past 60 hours (wow!) alone with my paints and in the mood to have some fun. Yesterday I was able to complete Treescape 02 - my primary focus was the mosaic-styled tree design created from the tape resist, combined with the linear qualities of the tree forms, layered with color. Today I wanted to add a focal point to a new treescape composition, thus the night owl appeared. I still want to work on (yet another treescape) leaving the resist areas whiter, possibly using bright shades of red next time? The Treescape series (yes, it seems to have turned into a series on my website) is about hard and soft edges, linear form, and layered color. I can tell I am going to have fun creating additional pieces in this series although right now I am a little burnt out from all my non- stop play time, I need a break from all this fun!


  1. What a beautiful series--and this is already posted on your website!! You did get some sleep during that 60-hour playtime, I hope?

  2. Oh what a gorgeous palette, Robin!! I noticed the owl right away too. And trees are always a favorite of mine to look at. I think this is beautiful!

  3. I am addicted to website updates, Hallie! I love maintaining it daily, and it's actually easy so that took minutes, not hours.

    The colors do look slightly off on my computer monitor, Sherry, I think the turquoise changes and is more intense in daylight. Color equals fun!