Friday, September 14, 2012

Encaustic demo tomorrow

"My bags are packed and I'm ready to go..." No, I am not leaving on a jet plane, but I am ready for the encaustic demonstration I will be offering at the Copley Society of Art tomorrow afternoon. When I arrived at the opening reception for the Marine Art show yesterday, I was surprised to see this poster directly in front of the gallery on Newbury Street. I knew there would be a poster promoting the event but this was more than I expected, almost life size!

The reception was well attended and there have been lots of inquiries about the demo. I am looking forward to sharing several of the techniques I have been using over the past few years.

My painting received the 2nd place award and was the only encaustic painting in the show. I feel the encaustic medium is still misunderstood and painting with beeswax seems to be peaking lots of interest lately. I will share more after the demo tomorrow.


  1. I would sure like to be at that demo! May it be your best one, yet.

    The sign is really cool. I know you had to have been really proud. As for that 2nd place award, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm glad that your wonderful works are being so well received. They are definitely worth it.


  2. How wonderful and exciting to be featured like this! I know you'll have a blast and you sure take awesome photos!