Sunday, March 3, 2013

Demo painting

It's been a while since I have taken out my watercolor paints and yesterday was the first of a two Saturday workshop at Montserrat College. I could say painting is like riding a bicycle -- you don't forget how -- although I did have to spend a large portion of today fixing problems I created because I didn't plan out beyond the wash resists I had demonstrated.

I will be adding seaweed and underwater growth, the challenge will be that not having saved the white of the paper, mud is bound to appear.

"Goldfish with Lilies" - a work in progress
12 x 18

I used a paper cutout to create the koi. Usually I go for trees as a first subject, but this time fish were on the brain. My goal was to get everyone comfortable with their paints, creating a resist, working wet, using a spray bottle, layering color washes, and letting the paint flow.

Next week I will bring in a still life setup and also plan another favorite warmup lesson. This is my last scheduled workshop as I am getting more involved with my upcoming move to Chicago.


  1. Your classes must be so interesting--I'm guessing your students often come back for more.

  2. I do have a handful of return students, Hallie. But all that will change when I am living in Chicago.

    Sherry, now that I am looking at the painting with fresh eyes this morning I see things I may have to change and add! it may not be done but thanks.

  3. Thought it was encaustic, lovely to see a watercolor that is so refreshing for my eyes and start my day!

  4. Sadly, the painting is a bit muddier now, but then so is the murky water the koi and lilies share. I will share outcome in my next post.

  5. What a nice-sized class. I'm sure your students will miss you. They need to pack in as much time with you as they can before you leave.


  6. This is my last hurrah out east, Don, but hopefully I will find a new venue for teaching once I have settled into my new home.