Saturday, March 16, 2013

Moving Sale

It's overwhelming to me when over 20 years of artwork has to be whittled down into cardboard boxes onto a moving truck. Knowing the cost involved to make the move has me cringing! In response to the sticker shock I am having a huge sale of large frames, and many of my large and smaller paintings. For my blogger friends I wanted to mention in my Etsy shop I am offering free shipping, just enter code SPRING2013. For my local friends, contact me directly if interested in viewing work first hand via email

Despite my relocating, the internet does allow for business as usual and I am comforted knowing I will continue to blog. Just last week I had a therapist in the UK ask permission to use one of my paintings on her website, and I was surprised she even thought to ask. I know copyright online is impossible to control and it's a price artists pay when we use the internet to share images but the sincerity with this professional has impressed me. She may even end up with a print of the work she asked to use on her website.

"The White Lotus" 

Today I begin organizing and downsizing, wish me luck!


  1. Luck is definitely wished and I love the lotus piece! Colors are gorgeous!!

  2. I'm guessing the therapist was asking about "White Lotus." It is beautiful.

    Downsizing is a constant battle for me--I never win. I believe you're much more organized than I am; I'm a great list maker but that's as far as I get.

  3. What a huge and thankless task, Robin! I hate moving. I hope you get your frames and a lot of your artwork sold!

  4. That is a wonderful piece, wishing you good luck for everything to be smooth sailing Robin.

  5. Sherry - luck and hard work will get me downsized and ready for the move.

    Hallie - the therapist did purchase the "White Lotus" print and ended up with a small encaustic painting as well. I had never properly organized when I moved out of my studio into my home and now it finally feels good to be forced to sort and purge.

    Deborah - selling work locally to people I know has already begun, but not nearly enough!

    padmaja - the lotus series was special to me and selling the prints is a lot easier than selling the original works (which I still have all but 1).

    Thank you everyone for your comments and continued blog support.