Friday, March 8, 2013


For a while today it was questionable whether I would be teaching tomorrow due to an unexpected major snow storm. It's incredible to me that with all of the available technology weather forecasts can be so wrong. We were told to expect about 4 inches of snowfall (nothing major) and it's just starting to ease up, 13 inches later. Being stuck home today allowed me more time to work on a demo painting for the workshop but I had to force myself to stop painting in order to share process with students. I think the best way to teach is by demonstrating.

Work in Progress, after today -
I will show students how to paint negative space allowing the paper white and lighter colors to pop. Working on the foreground will be the main focus on my demo tomorrow.

Stopping point from yesterday -

A bit of snow from today, view looking out back. Is it time to shovel yet?!


  1. I wish I could have taken that class, working with negative space. I need that lesson! Your snow is beautiful... as long as you don't have to go out and drive in it. Our forecasters seem to be the opposite of yours... they'll say we're getting 8 inches, and then we only get 3 or 4.

  2. The demo piece is gorgeous Robin and isn't that a great idea to replicate all that snow and thin net work of branches in encaustic work, I think it will look lovely!

  3. Katherine, last winter we had less than a foot of snow for the entire season. Climate changes are to blame for the extreme weather, it scares me although also inspires me to paint beautiful landscapes. Hopefully today when I demonstrate negative space I won't over work the foreground, you know once the white of the paper is gone it's gone forever.

    I am a little confused by your comment padmaja, not using wax with snow scenes anytime soon. I will plan on completing demos from the watercolor workshop, can't see beyond that.

  4. Both pieces look beautiful to me, Robin. Me? I love the snow and wish it would have landed much sooner in the season. I never look forward to summer. Too hot, too humid.

  5. Your snow-covered outdoor furniture pieces look like gnomes. I love when you show progressive steps--I pretend I'm one of your lucky students. Stay warm.

  6. Fortunately the sun has melted lots of the snow and as long as getting around is not complicated Sherry but I actually look forward to summer weather. Maybe I will change my mind once I am living away from the ocean.

    The center piece in the snow photo is a snow covered Buddha, Hallie, I guess there is a gnome resemblance. More progressive steps will follow in my next blog post, glad I am not the only one who likes looking at the progression of a painting.