Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Ever so slowly, it feels like I am inching my way toward Chicago. My daughter graduates from high school on June 2, the main reason I am still here on the east coast.

I decided to join an art group that focuses on using the encaustic medium -

and I have already been added to the member listing page - here

After viewing other member's websites, I am impressed with the quality of their work. Many of these artists share in their abstract visions. I find I am battling myself once again, abstract vs. representational.

I plan to continue landscape painting even though concrete and rectangles may replace rolling waves and billowing clouds, I will embrace city influences once I am moved.

Two of my mini works at the Jacksonville State University show received awards -
First Prize Award for "Summer Pathway" and the "Recollected Books Purchase Award" for "Morning Mist", both works can be viewed in a previous blog post here.

I also just received an Award of Merit for "Spring Vineyards", currently in the small works Copley Society show - Co|So Artists' Small Works: Coalesce
and I will be leaving Boston as one of the participating artists in the Danforth Museum show, opening on June 6 - Community of Artists

Lots of unknowns in the near future.

Down the street from my front door, Fisherman's Beach, Swampscott, MA

New "front door", Chicago, IL


  1. Congrats on the awards Robin, fabulous to see these works receiving them. Keep rocking!

  2. Doesn't look like you will be too far from the lake, judging by the new front door photograph. I do love Chicago so much. A beautiful city steeped in history. I do hope you continue to do landscapes, Robin. Your piece is one of my favorites. I'd really love to do one of your workshops once you are out this way.

  3. padmaja, I ask myself if receiving awards are a sort of validation for me, to keep on the same path... time will tell.

    Sherry, the lake is about 3 blocks from my apartment, in time I am sure I will posting photos of Lake Michigan beaches too. I am just now looking for studio space so it may take a few months before I can start offering workshops (but I will keep you posted via the blog).

  4. Your new front door has such class!!