Sunday, June 23, 2013

New home, new inspiration, new work space

I arrived in Chicago on June 7, followed a few days later by the movers. I thought I had done such a good job whittling down and moving only the essentials but living in a 2 bedroom apartment is much different than a 3 story townhouse with enough room for all three of my adult children, unlimited storage closets, and a two car garage. It's been a whirlwind to say the least and the good news is I have made my dining room an accessible, working studio.

Walking around in the neighborhood has already got me planning on new small works. And the fact that I actually know where my paints are is an added bonus!

I think the biggest change is what I see when I sit at my desk... fire escapes, angles, and shapes here are quite different from the ocean waves and rolling meadows of Vermont!

Lots of catching up to do on a month of everyone's blogs posts, it feels good to have the time to be back.


  1. Love the photos, Robin, and welcome to Chi-town. Your photos capture one of the many things I love about Chicago. Looks and sounds like you are pretty much settle in already!

  2. Dining rooms should always be studios and I love the way your art is displayed on the wall.

    I look forward to the works inspired by your new location--you're always moving up.

  3. Every day I find more to do to complete the settling in process, Sherry. Next on the list - teaching opportunities that fit with my experience.

    Hallie, isn't the expression 1 step up, 2 steps down? :) I am really glad the dining room is large because using it as a workspace is a much better use of the room than waiting for the rare occasions I invite people over for a sit down dinner.

  4. I loved the way you did your studio Robin, very neat and inspiring! I look foward to your works created in this space soon!

  5. It sounds like you are getting settled in and excited to explore your new environment. It will be fun to find the art community in your new area.

  6. Hi padmaja, my hope is to get back into painting this week but the truth is I will be happy if I can get back into the swing of things by July!

    Good to hear from you Nancy. My first networking opportunity will be at a reception this Friday, all part of the big adventure of a new city, should be blogging about it next week too.

  7. Incredible how much you've got set up! It looks to be such an interesting living space and neighborhood. I've missed your presence here on your blog- so I'm glad to have you back. Welcome home!