Monday, July 1, 2013

Time to paint, finally!

It took half the day to setup my workspace in order to get back into encaustic painting but after two months without art, I was desperate to get back at it.

"Blooming Trellis"

I have been saving photos as I take them, planning on mixed media works - photo transfers, encaustic, and oil pastel. While I have been settling into life in Chicago, I continue selling my small works in the Boston area. I still have not had the time to research the gallery scene here but hopefully before the end of the summer I will be able to educate myself and figure out if there is a good fit with a gallery here. I am already working with a fire escape image, as well as a neighborhood street scene. Maybe tomorrow I will have more to post.


  1. The texture and the contrasts in the blooms look beautiful, glad you could start your creative time again, look forward to more soon :-)

  2. Oh boy! New adventures in a new place make for exciting times. Blooming Trellis is a really nice piece with which to start this new creative chapter in your life. I look forward to hearing of all your adventures and successes.


  3. Another stunning piece, Robin! I would so love to learn how you do this. I have every doubt that I'd be able to do it myself but I'd sure love to watch you in action!

  4. Thank you padmaja, Don, Sherry, and Hallie. I can always count on feedback from you blogger regulars! Finally I am settled enough to paint new work although I spent the day helping my brother move into his new condo in the city. I have so many ideas and slowly now will have time to elaborate with paint.

  5. Ola,lindas pinturas,lindo blog.Meus cumprimentos e meu abraço.Su.