Saturday, January 11, 2014

Gallery Openings

Between the holidays and the crazy weather, I am just now starting the new year with a schedule to paint new work and submit to several big shows. I have not sat down and gotten creative since before the holidays, but tomorrow should be the day that changes.

Today was the opening for the winter shows in both Chicago (at Chicago Art Source Gallery) and Boston (Copley Society of Art). I received word this morning that all three of my small works sold in Boston before the show officially opened! I also have posted several photos from Chicago Art Source of my work, installed in two separate locations. I believe I am the only representational painter in the show. (I will stop by the gallery this week and take my own photos, the photos below were provided by the gallery manager).

I took the photo below a week ago and plan on transferring it into wax tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have unexpected interruptions.


  1. Can't wait to see the photo in encaustic, Robin! It will be gorgeous with those lights!!

  2. You deserve a short break, and congratulations on the sales. I really like your new id photo (I noticed earlier but forgot to comment).

  3. gonna post the painted photo in a minute, Sherry. It was a good choice to get back into the painting groove.

    the break was needed but long, Halle. I decided recently to change profile images from showing me with my work to just showing me, I think its more intimate to be up close and personal.