Saturday, January 25, 2014


Meditation inspired my new work below. Years ago, a friend of mine taught me about Buddhism, non- attachment, and letting go (although I often forget to practice).

I used the seven chakras as a guide for color and purposely kept the mantra hidden below the surface. My hope is for this painting to be a reminder to simply breathe each day and try to remain unattached.

I also put new work in my Etsy shop … with a full day of painting planned for tomorrow.


  1. I was never good at meditation or mind over matter things. Hope this works for you! Love the colors and almost dreamlike quality!

  2. Being a reiki master I love this piece a bit more! So very beautiful, see a lot of energy from this one.

  3. A fascinating piece, Robin! I think having the words appear as if drifting off in the mist... like we're supposed to do with the things we're attached to... was inspired.