Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back from New York

"Upstream", 24 x 18

"Mt. Huangshan", 38 x 30

"Bamboo", 24 x 20

"Golden Lotus", 38 x 30

Yesterday I brought 4 of my paintings to MARQUIS ARTS LTD. in New York City. I 'fell' into this opportunity when I was visiting family in the city 10 days ago. The paintings I brought will be hanging and seen in a new venue for me, a gallery that features mostly antique and classical works... until now. My watercolors are a contemporary addition that opens an entirely new customer base for the gallery. The gallery will get the standard 50% commission if they sell my work and I feel they will earn it by allowing my paintings to hang in their prime gallery wall space; in my opinion, that's why galleries are entitled to their portion of a sale. I will check in with them if I don't hear anything in about a month to see if there has been any interest in my work and will hope good karma stays with me!

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  1. Great colors on the lotus!

    I thought you deserved a "One Lovely Blog" award! If you feel like playing along, check out my post today (Aug 6) to see what you should do next!