Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winter Encaustics

8 x 8 image transfer with pigmented wax

Assorted 2.5 x 3.5 image transfers

My focus was on the lack of color, the bland whites and grays that define the winter months. I also wanted to detail the branches, bare and brittle. I started painting on the 8 x 8 elephant board and ended up doing additional small works - I will pick several of these to put into shadowbox frames.

It felt great to finally have the time and focus to get back into my art process. Burnishing the xerox copy of the image into the wax medium is the most important step because if the image doesn't transfer cohesively the composition is lost. Adding the pigmented paint highlights the details that create the 3 dimensional qualities which is what I love so much about using encaustic paints. I look forward to working on the final season of encaustic paintings for this series, Spring, and then I will have completed a year of visiting the bird sanctuary.


  1. Great job, Robin. Your love of the process shows thru. Great use of color - you have emulated the winter palette perfectly. -Don

  2. These are just beautiful Robin. Fascinating technique and wonderful use of color portraying winter.