Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Show Acceptances

"Path to Sanctuary Pond", encaustic collage that was accepted to the Cambridge Art Association show. This is the first time I am exhibiting one of my encaustic works.

"Three Dragonflies", mixed media collage that was accepted to the LynnArts, Inc. mixed media show.

The past few months have flown by. Ever since Thanksgiving, my full time art schedule had to be put on hold until now. I finished teaching mid November, (some of my best paintings are my class demos), the holiday season and moving became a priority, and then it was 2010. I did make the time to do small works, but it's not the same as my usual routine when I am painting regularly and then finding juried show opportunities to share what I have created.

Last week I submitted work to a mixed media show at LynnArts, Inc. and also to a themed show at the Cambridge Art Association, "The Third Dimension". I found out today that I was accepted to both shows. It's always hard when I do not get accepted into a juried show, but on the flip side when I do get accepted it is the confirmation I need to continue to be confident that what I do is working for more than just me!


  1. Robin, congratulations on getting both of these into juried competitions. It is hard to put your work out there never knowing if it will get accepted. I've had paintings that I love not get into a show when a less favorite painting of mine will get in. Go figure. Art is definitely a subjective thing and that is part of what makes juried competitions fun.

  2. Congrats Robin! As Nancy said, the opinion of the juror is really no reflection on your work. I don't care how 'standardized' the judging is, it can't help but be subjective. I've had the same paintings rejected by some and win awards by others.

    The collage is most interesting. Are the shiny bits candy wrappers? lol.